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Handling of Personal Information

Lovefield Wireless GmbH (hereinafter, Lovefield) has established a structure to properly protect partners' and customers’ personal information. Lovefield affiliates comply with this and handle, manage and maintain information in accordance to the standards described hereforth.

Purpose of Use

Lovefield uses customers’ personal information in order to perform a contract, introduce Lovefield products and services, request answers to questionnaires, or for in-house research. However, there may be exceptional cases such as where the use of personal information is required by laws, where customers give their prior consent, or where it is necessary to protect Lovefield’s safety. Lovefield handles job applicants’ personal information only for selection purpose. Personal documents from candidates will not be returned.

Providing Personal Information

Lovefield will not provide third parties with partners’ personal information unless it is required by laws and regulations, unless Lovefield outsources the business for which the information is intended to be used, and unless partners give their prior consent.

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